About Casablanca

Dedicated to creating exquisite ceiling fans that are forever unrivaled in beauty and performance.

What drives us

We are dreamers...engineers...artisans…inventors…brought together by a simple desire to create the best of the best. A close-knit team based in Memphis, Tennessee, we’re driven by three fundamental principles:

  • Innovation
  • Artistry
  • Craftsmanship

These principles are at the heart of everything we do, from the way we seek out the exceptional to the way we rigorously test our fans far beyond requirements. It’s all about thinking big—and then living for the details.

Where we’re taking you.

The ceiling fan started as a phenomenal machine that transformed people’s lives. But it was built for one purpose and one purpose only—to move air. Today, air movement is just as important, but the ceiling fan is transforming lives in other ways, too, through equally important functions: illuminative and decorative.

Now—in large part because of who we are and what we do—the ceiling fan has become as consequential as any other piece of home décor, if not more so. The fan can serve as a focal point that inspires a room’s entire look and feel, or it can be the final thought that ties everything together. And whatever’s next in the future of ceiling fans, you can count on Casablanca to be at the forefront of that evolution—always going for the extraordinary, pushing boundaries and raising the bar.