Caring for Your Casablanca

First things first—remember to turn your fan off before you clean it.

A high-end fan doesn’t have to be high maintenance. Keeping your Casablanca as beautiful as the day it arrived is easy if you follow these basic instructions.



For wood-finish blades

Your fan is a piece of fine furniture and should be treated as such. A soft furniture-polishing cloth will do nicely for gently cleaning the blades. And here’s a tip: applying a light coat of furniture polish now and then—and we do mean light—will help protect against dust and add a bit of luster.

For painted or high-gloss blades

Use a slightly dampened cloth with a mild detergent to remove surface smudges or accumulated dirt. If you’d like, you can also apply an anti-static agent to help protect the blades.

Lest we forget the lights…

Be sure you turn the power OFF at the wall switch or the circuit breaker before you change any lightbulbs. Also, replace like with like—as in, the new bulb should be the same kind as the old bulb. To clean light-fixture globes, remove them carefully and clean by hand.


  • Never use harsh or abrasive cleaning products. They can permanently damage the finish.

  • Never try to lubricate your fan in any way, such as oiling the motor. The precision motor—at the heart of your Casablanca fan—is built with sealed bearings that are lubricated for life.