December 20, 2016

Decorate your home with Pantone's Color of the Year

Could Greenery become the new neutral? We asked one of our Casablanca Fan Company designers to share her tips on decorating the home with such a vibrant color.
PantoneGreenery.jpgGreenery, a "zesty yellow-green shade" as described by the color company, was named Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year.
“The green is like renewal. When I see these kinds of bright colors that’s what I think, regrowth; it’s a hopeful color,” said Hunter Fan Designer Christine Holmes, who isn’t shy about her love of bright colors.

Pantone calls Greenery "nature's neutral," but if you're unsure of how to apply this new bright neutral into your home, Casablanca Fan Company Designer Christine Holmes has some ideas.

“I like it for accent colors,” said Holmes, “For dish towels or pillows or lamp shades.”
Ask any of Casablanca Fan’s designers: The easiest and least expensive way to redesign a space is change out the textiles.
Green pillows with texture or pattern adds dimension, like the knit pillow and quatrefoil patterned pillow we found (and according to other Casablanca Fan designers, quatrefoils are making a comeback...).
Holmes also suggested adding a window valance in Greenery to add a pop of color to a plain window or get curtains with a green trim.
If you're bold and confident enough to paint all the walls in your space green, go for it! But Holmes suggest using green paint like with green textile accents and using it for a simple pop of color. 

“If you have indoor window trim and went around the kitchen window or something, wouldn’t that be cute? It’s kind of country or farmhouse with that little bit of color,” said Holmes, “One thing I’ve been seeing like the whole Joanna Gaines thing is very neutral palette and I want to start popping color into stuff.”

Use Pantone's Greenery color guide to get the perfect paint color or use some nature inspired paint colors Better Homes and Garden picked out
Keep it simple! Add pops of plants and greenery around your space, whether it's your way-too-beige office or ivory living room. We highly recommend terracotta planters (another up and coming trend) to put your plants in, and they come in a variety of colors like traditional red clay or grey.
Don’t have a green thumb? Try low maintenance plants like succulents or Mother-in-Laws’ Tongue.
“Buy the little fuzzy moss balls that you see at the store,” said Holmes, “They’re that color, and if you don’t like them, you’re not committed to them. They’re just little accessories, you can give them away.”
You can buy decorative moss balls, or if you're feeling crafty Wife in Progress' blog shows how you can make your own.
Like with the textiles and paint, utilizing green furniture in your space should be used as an accent to provide a pop of color.
For fans of mid-century modern design, the green Eames modern arm chairs are fun for areas you need extra seating in like a dining room or home office. Falling for formal? This arm chair has a beautiful green damask pattern that pops off the white.
Do DIY like Julia Ryan and paint the base of a bed green to stands out with neutral textiles.