January 23, 2017

Hygge: Uncluttered and unfussy design for your space

Warm metals, relaxing colors, cozy textiles -- Get inspired to transform your space into a personal oasis by exploring these design tips that embrace the latest home fashion trend, Hygge.
Pinterest recently identified Hygge as one of the rising trends of 2017. The Danish word (pronounced HUE-gah) doesn’t have a precise translation, but it’s used to convey a feeling of coziness and peacefulness.​
We have some design tips on how to achieve the effortless design in your home.


Imagine an ocean view and bring those colors into your home. Warm, Nordic blues with hints of light greys and taupe will inspire calm and create an oasis to escape a stressful world.
This color palate is perfect for paint and textiles. Try a seaglass inspired backsplash or inky swirled coloring on dishes to create a serene kitchen space.


Pairing ocean-inspired colors with subtle nautical prints only seems fitting. While you might not live beachside, coastal patterns and stripes imply a sense of relaxation as if you were there.
Delicate botanicals in those same relaxing hues also add a pop of pattern to your Hygge inspired room. Think small airy blooms and scrolling vines.


How many hours do we spend looking at a computer screen or typing on our phones? Trade tech for textures: Add finishes and textiles in your home that are calming to look at or are soothing to touch.
Satin copper, gentle burnished steel, soft oxidization – add pops of soft worn metals around your room. Rustic woods like a toasted oak or subtle white wash are stylish yet sensory surfaces that will lighten up your space. 

Casablanca Fan Company features fans with rustic blade finishes like our Glen Arbor and Perseus.


Soft knits and even velvet (yes, velvet – we hear it’s making a comeback) are quintessential for coziness. Utilitarian fabrics, while they don't always give the impression of being as comfortable as knits, can convey an unfussy and uncluttered feel with clean lines for an airy industrial look.
Woven tiling and loose weaves in blankets resemble netting and can be a unique yet casual texture to apply in your space.