Casablanca motors – the heart of our fans – are designed to optimize quiet operation while supplying the necessary power for superior air movement. Rather than buying generic motors from third-party manufacturers, Casablanca designs, engineers, and manufactures our own motors to perform across a variety of applications.

All Casablanca Motors Feature:

  • Maximum Power
    Compared to most like-sized ceiling fans in the industry, Casablanca fans possess a more powerful motor.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Because our motors draw less than one amp of energy—the equivalent of a 100-watt light bulb—the cost to operate the ceiling fan is only about 6 cents a day. This is 50 times less energy than the amount used by an air conditioner.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Casablanca motors are backed by the highest level of service support in the industry, including a lifetime warranty and service centers from coast to coast.
  • Silent Operation
    Through the use of Casablanca-designed flywheels and other noise dampening components, Casablanca fans have long set the standard for quietness.
  • Maintenance Free
    Lifetime-lubricated precision ball bearings ensure maintenance-free performance.

Our Portfolio of Motors

Casablanca motors provide unparalleled power, silent performance, and reliability over decades of daily use.

DC Motor
Our DC motors are the absolute,most energy-efficient and quietest motors in our product line.

XLP and XLP Plus®
The XLP motor has been a workhorse of the Casablanca product line for more than 20 years and is used in a number of top-selling models. The dynamically balanced rubber Silent-Flex® flywheel absorbs vibration and eliminates noise.The XLP Plus® is larger and more powerful than any competing motor in its class and is utilized in better fans and those with longer blade spans.

The XTR200® strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency and is utilized on higher-end, indoor/outdoor models to provide maximum movement. Its precision engineering contributes to cooler fan operation, which in turn leads to longer motor life.

Direct Drive™
Casablanca’s Direct Drive™ motors are designed and engineered – for specific indoor or outdoor applications – to work flawlessly for the life of the fan. Most Direct Drive models are ENERGY STAR® qualified.