It’s the something that sets us apart.

“Beauty and exceptional design are at the center of everything we do. In turn, your fan becomes your ceiling’s centerpiece—the crown jewel—serving an important functional purpose, of course, but also completing your space and creating a certain feeling in the room.”

We admit it—as a design team, we’re a little spoiled. Our engineers and technicians “over engineer” and test our fans so far beyond industry standards that we don’t have to question how quality, reliability or performance might impact our designs—all of these aspects are simply givens. Having that peace of mind leaves us a lot of room to dream, explore and push our creativity to the limits.

That’s why we consider each Casablanca fan a true work of art. Each has its own unique origin story. Each comes into being because we feel compelled to create it. It’s a visceral thing, really—the drive to bring a concept to life and hope that it speaks to you the way it speaks to us.

From paper to prototype

Inspiration for a fan is often sparked through a designer’s individual experience—an unusual piece of glassware at a dinner party that catches the eye, a walk in the woods, a window display in Milan. But once we bring an idea into the studio, we challenge each other, discuss and collaborate—sketching and carving our way to the prototype phase.

We then hang that prototype overhead and live with it for a while. Because we have to get to know it. Sometimes an idea that exhilarated us on paper loses its magic in three-dimensional form—so we begin again. We never, ever compromise. That’s why only a handful of prototypes become actual models for a new collection. The Casablanca fans that make the final cut are the best of the best. Of the best.

We believe art is a human thing.

We take pride in maintaining the human element across everything we create—which means upholding certain standards when it comes to handing over our designs for production. We won’t allow a design to be “mirrored” or replicated by computer, because it creates a symmetry that’s simply too perfect—in the same way that a computer-generated face is, frankly, boring. The perfection is in the imperfection, so our designs need to stay exactly the way we draw, sculpt, cast or carve them. This human element is the essence of what it means for something to be genuinely handcrafted. It’s what gives every one of our fans a distinct personality—and when you meet the one that resonates with you, you just know.